Taking the Test

Disclaimer: online tests are only as accurate as you are self-aware and honest with yourself. There is a good chance that you will be typed accurately through these self-report questionnaires, but there is also a decent chance that they will only serve to detail the person you wish you were, the personality you idealize or the personality you try to exemplify. The spirit of the Enneagram is greater self-awareness, geared towards growth and maturity, there is no right or wrong personality, but it will be useless to you if you type inaccurately, because you will be operating out of a false identity, which most of us don't need any help with. So do your best, take, re-take and read. Ultimately, you should know yourself better than anyone else, however, it's sometimes difficult to see yourself clearly. That's what the Enneagram is for, you type yourself as far as you can and then you dive deeper to put language to things that exist in you, but are difficult to admit, or hard to look at, or describe. At which point, I would love to set up a meeting to dive deeper into your type with you, and make sure that you are exploring the right types for you.  

The main testing website is The Enneagram Institute, it’s also a neat resource for reading summaries of the Types and distinctions, although it only scratches the surface! This one costs $12, and gives you a sizable description of your top 3 most likely types, based on how you answer the questions, as well as how many points you scored for each type. Most of us in our house have taken this one, it’s about 165 questions, if I remember correctly, so it can be long, but you can take breaks!

You can take the test here: https://tests.enneagraminstitute.com/


The next site is The Enneagram Worldwide and it’s $10 to take the test and it’s a shorter version based on paragraphs. You answer along a scale of strongly agree to don’t agree, and it also gives you your top 3 and short descriptions of them.

You can take the test here: https://www.enneagramworldwide.com/test/#gf_5


There are a few free sites as well, Eclectic Energies is free and their test goes into some subtypes or wings as well as variants, so it offers a deeper possible description of your type, it could be neat to play around with. 

You can take both versions of the test here: https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test


This one is kind of fun because it is meant to be fast and free, so it can give you a quick insight into what some of the longer tests are like. Personally, it wasn’t super accurate for me, but I do know people who have gotten true results from it.

You can take the test here: https://enneagramtest.net/


This last test is a shorter version of the first one, from the Enneagram Institute, and also refers you to the EI in the description. It’s also meant to be fast and free.

You can take the test here: http://www.9types.com/rheti/index.php


The most important things to remember when taking these tests is that they are only as accurate as you are honest. Do your best to answer the questions as truly as you can to how you are, not how you’ve been or how you want to be, or how you would like to be perceived. For example, if you have a short temper, but hide it really well, or it doesn’t manifest in outbursts, you still have a short temper, whether or not people perceive you that way. Also, be gracious with yourself, the heart of it is greater self-awareness, even if it’s painful, or hard to admit. Many people don’t see themselves for how they truly are, and may need help with that, which is another reason why the Enneagram is such a great tool. Sometimes you might honestly not know the answer to a question, and that’s okay, too. In those cases just go with your gut. Whichever answer sits better with you, or felt the most true when you first read it, is most likely the ‘right’ one. This test is not a matter of ‘rights or wrongs,’ and no personality type is better than another, so just do your best, and retake it if you want! Have fun with it. And I am so happy to answer more questions.