"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Travel, exploration and adventure are my by far my biggest passions. I aim to be an avid reader, a curious traveller, and a fearless adventurer.  In my recent years of travel I've discovered a few things. The first of which, is that if your goal is to escape you're better off staying put and facing your giants head on. The next, creativity is as variable as humans themselves. To be creative is to live outside of rules and regulations, to live partially in your imagination, believing in possibility; creativity thrives only when you are set free to dream, and to experience. And lastly, no matter where you are in the world it will always be the people (and the pups) who make the most lasting impressions. We are the ones who make this all worth it, it is people! Magical scenery, natural phenomenon and even complete silence in nature, cannot compare to the beauty of connection. 

I'm now beginning my career path as a nutritionist with an emphasis on whole body health, and hoping to come alongside you and help you to realize your dreams, and your potentials, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. We should never be stagnant in our lives, always moving, changing, growing and giving. Whether it be through an adventure, a conversation, a photograph or a recipe, I hope that I will be able to work with you to shift the balances in favor of simple nourishment.


My Story


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Caralee Lacie

Self Portrait 2018


I'm sure you've gathered, my name is Caralee Lacie. I'm from a sleepy little beach city named Oceanside, CA, or more affectionately, "Oceanslime." This little city, like many things in life, has grown, changed, and gentrified  from the slimy little ghetto of 20 years ago, to a more bustling, more dazzling, and slightly less sketchy version of itself. After graduating high school and enduring a very brief stint at the local community college, I made the decision to hit pause on traditional education. So at the ripe young age of 17, fully embracing my autodidacticism, I decided to live life unconventionally, to try as much as possible to do things because they make me come alive, and not because I "should." 

So, I moved to Hawaii. Well, actually-Kauai, HI. And I lived, adventured, and tried to learn how to love. Since then I've lived in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado, with long stints in Arizona, British Columbia, and Alberta, I’ve visited 20+ states, and 9 countries. The takeaway has been incredible. Everywhere I've ever been it's the people who have impacted me the most. I mean sure, I have an intense, unrivaled, love affair with Alaska because of it's incomparable, wild beauty, but there is something unmistakably precious about someone trusting you with their story. Life is about focus, perception, and priority, and I love travel as much as the next girl, but ironically the biggest thing I've learned from the tiny pieces of this great, big planet that I've seen is that, it would be absolutely nothing without all of these beautiful, unique souls wandering around it.